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Cane With Seat - Freshore Official Website

‘Just like take chair out of the house but it function as cane.’ Tim said.

He never expected to hike again until he bought this ‘Cane Seat‘.

– A chair that can be used as a cane –


High Density Comfortable Sponge Armrest

The double handrail design increases the contact surface with the hand.pick it up easily with one hand.

UP & Sit Armrest

Made of solid stainless steel, you use armrests when you get up or sit down, no longer worrying about your legs not being strong enough.

Large Seating Area

The large seating area of 18.5 X 15.4 in ensures enough space to sit down.

The taslin fabric is combined with the breathable design to make you comfortable all day long.

Unique Backrest Design

Compared with the walking stick chairs available in the market, we have a rest back for consumers to experience

real comfort, which is very helpful for the elderly to recover their physical strength during the journey.

The Most Stable Design : Four-Leg Support

Our maximum support value can reach 300 lb ( 150 kg ), which cannot be separated from the design of four-legged

prop, which can provide enough supporting force like ordinary chairs. You don’t have to worry about its stability.

Breathable Taslin Fabric

We use breathable taslin as the fabric for the chair, high strength toughness and waterproof properties to

efficiently handle all kinds of outdoor situations (even if you use it in the bathroom is very convenient).

Double break-proof outdoor ribbon

We use high-density durable webbing with vertical tension up to 30 kg, extending from the four sides of the seat pad and connecting the foot tube through screws.

The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 150 kg (about 300 lbs), which can easily cope with the body shape of different consumers and protect your travel safety.

High Strength Safety Structure

Self-locking screw design ensures your safety in the case of high strength impact. It’s no less solid than an ordinary chair.


Due to the particularity of product users, we have always put the safety of crutch chairs in the first place.

A series of rigorous shock tests have continuously improved the product and brought the best experience to users

  • Impact test weight : 20KG
  • Impact height : 30CM
  • Number of impact tests :26 times



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight of cane: 1.55~1.65KG
  • Maxmum load bearing: 1.55~1.65KG
  • Model: M / L / XL
  • Color: Grey / Blue
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight of cane: 1.55~1.65KG
  • Maxmum load bearing: 1.55~1.65KG
  • Model: M / L / XL
  • Color: Grey / Blue


The industrial design engineer of over 30 years

My mother is over 80 years old. She is very healthy and self-sufficient in life.

Unfortunately, her legs are not very good. She needs to stop and rest after a long walk, so she can’t go too far. She hopes to go out. she said that she is still perfect;

I have been an engineer for more than 40 years, In order to achieve the wish of my mother, I referred to the market of such products, and combined with my more than 30 years of work experience so I made a chair that can be used as a cane.

She was so surprised, and she thought it was very suitable for her, she said that this product could help a lot of people like her.

So I’m going to mass produce it, and both my mother and I know a lot of people need it.


This product is a life saver and a LIFE CHANGER for me. haven’t been able to shop due to damage to my legs from a car accident 2yrs ago.

This product now allows me to do the things I have been wanting to do, like visit my 5 grandkids!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.(tears of joys streaming down my face & a great big huge smile).

Brent Stuntzner

Amazon customer

I bought this cane/seat and took it on a two-week vacation. It is worth its weight in GOLD!

It is lightweight, but sturdy and made it possible for me to enjoy our trip and all of the walking and exploring, as I could sit down whenever and wherever I needed to. 

Brent Stuntzner

Amazon customer

I bought this chair cane for my husband to use on a European vacation.
It was truly a “life saver!” Numerous travelers (then and now) ask where we got it.

I rate this item TEN stars!!
The side “arms” allow him leverage to pull himself from a sitting to a standing position

Brent Stuntzner

Amazon customer


Would this be heavy to carry with one hand for arthritics?

It’s not heavy. It’s like holding an umbrella in one hand. And when you use it it makes contact with the ground and reduces its weight, so easy to use it !

Does the chair stay folded up tight or does is open on its own?

No, it’s very stable, whether it’s folded up or unrolled you need to take the initiative to change it or it will stay that way.

How easy is it to carry onto a train / plane?

Very easy. Weighs 4 pounds. 

It is easy like carrying an umbrella. no problem at all in carrying it anywhere.