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Portable Charcoal Grill - Standard Version Red - Freshore Official Website

Portable Charcoal Grill – Standard Version Red

  • Included food grade grid wire & aluminum non-stick roasting plate, smoke or smokeless bbq optional,healthy and really charcoal grilling, big bbq surface.Multifunctional in American bbq, korean bbq, baking, cooking with soup pot and frying pan.
  • Built-in fan system keep grill body cooling,extra large camping grill charcoal bowl with more charcoal,energy-efficient with 0.6lbs charcoal per hour,control the fire fierce or weak anytime.
  • With travel bag for convenient carry, ideal for any outdoor & indoor events, such as camping, picnic, tailgating, patio party ect.
  • Built-in fan system is power supplied by battery or USB phone charger,ignite the charcoal quickly and easily, bbq elegantly.
  • Product size Dia 14.2in X H 7.9in, Detachable , easily clean with soft cloth & detergent.

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We are equipped with a charcoal bowl of 7.1in diameter. After fully burning. 


The temperature can reach up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit to meet the needs of various foods.



Do you prefer traditional or Korean barbecue?


Don't worry about it. You can fulfill two wishes with it.


The Turbo Fan System allows the charcoal to bring in enough oxygen to burn, ensuring enough heat,


and you can use the battery or phone charger to provide power, with a flexible choice when you're outdoors or in the garden.

Luxury Version Of Three BBQ Styles


Additional information






red, Black

Standard Version

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

Product Components

√ Metal body

√ Ash tray

√ Charcoal bowl

X Dropping Oil Pan

Barbecue Type

√ Smokeless

√ Smoke

X Baking

Premium Version

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

Product Components

√ Metal body

√ Ash tray

√ Charcoal bowl

√ Dropping Oil Pan

Barbecue Type

√ Smokeless

√ Smoke


We have never used such a powerful and convenient portable charcoal grill since we became a food blogger!!!

 This grill generates a high temperature with only a small amount of charcoal, which is perfect for cooking steak.It is paired with different bbq nets to accommodate a wide variety of foods. Love it!

We are already a big fan of this product and recommend it to our friends.

John& Doe

Foodie blogger


Is this an electric grill?

This is a charcoal grill with a electric fan.It can use 4A battery, mobile charger, socket as power supply mode.

How is charcoal lit?

We light the solid alcohol to start the fire, then turn on the fan, and put the charcoal bowl on the ash tray. the fan will bring more air into the charcoal bowl, and the charcoal will be ignited in 5 minutes automatically. Then we can start our funny & delicious barbecue.

What is the function of an electric fan?

There're three function of the fan.

Firstly, bring more air into the charcoal bowl to help to start the fire.

Secondly, it can adjust the fire during the barbecue time. Turn the fan to maximum, the fire will be more fierce; turn it to minimum, the fire will be more weak.

Thirdly, it can keep the grill body cooling when barbecue.

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